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Cours de biathlon 16 février au 16 mars 2019

Course cancellation policy
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Our goal is to provide our members with a nice frame and quality. The temperature is unfortunately a factor beyond our control.

The Biathlon Club will use its web platform where a notice on the "accueil" page will notify you as to whether the planned activities will be held or not.  In the case of cancellation of course, two ways will be available to you to keep you informed of the latest development:

If there should be a first cancellation of course, the club will do its best to continue the following week. In this case, the season will end March 11-12.

Should a second cancellation occur, this second course will be canceled and there will be no refund.


Fall Season

When MeteoMedia forecast more than 50% chance of rain during course hours at Les Cèdres, the club may cancel this course, and it will be postpone, as much as possible, at the end of the season.

Winter Season

 During the season, especially on very cold days (when the expected daily temperature drops under -20°C, regardless of the wind chill factor, or if the wind chill factor is -28°C (-15°F) or below, whatever the temperature), it will be important to verify the morning of the course, since the meteorological conditions can reserve surprises for us ...


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